White Ma'at feather

White Ma'at feather

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Since ancient times the courts of the Pharaoh have employed Scribes to keep records of all the days business. In the Temple, scribes were in charge of noting everything down in the holy rituals. Whether it be intentional work, sigils or just signing a contract, quill and ink have their place in history.

These quills have been hand stripped by me personally, leaving enough feather for balance. I carve & cure the nib, then anoint with oils and decorations. Once the feather feels complete, I seal the feathers & paint the MA'AT hieroglyphs on one side. This 'opens' the quill to accept its new function. Each feather is unique, hand painted and adorned with intention.

When we gather, the newly created quills are dedicated to the god Thoth, the Great Scribe & Keeper of all Knowledge. Our feathers are consecrated with sacred smoke and set upon twin quartz points for an entire moon cycle. All of our members receive a quill upon acceptance because the feather is a symbol of MA'AT (justice).

Our pure white turkey feathers are sourced from a small US farm that sells organic meat. Over time the end can be clipped to retain its sharp edge. Suitable with any calligraphy grade ink.

If you need a specific color/type/ inscription, please email me at : I sometimes see different colors/types for sale and will custom make on demand. Please email for details or with a request.