Eye of Ra: Temple cleanse spray 100ml

Eye of Ra: Temple cleanse spray 100ml

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Ra, the Great One, Heat of the Sun, the Right Eye, was at the top of the Egyptian pantheon. Ra was invoked when you wanted victory in all endeavors. His temples were fumed with spices and flowers from around the world, as all came to Ra's temples to pay respect.

Nag Champa is an ancient blend of oils from India consisting of plumeria and sandalwood. Prized for banishing negative energy and cleansing the aura, forms the base of this preparation.
Frankincense is equally ancient. Used by the Egyptians in their holiest ceremonies, it was burned day and night to refresh the Temple after spellwork, to banish the built up energies. It vibrates higher, disrupting negative energies.

Mist on bedding, altar cloths, robes and carpets. Temple Cleanse is great to open and close Circles by misting the room. Spray on a cloth and wipe down ritual tables and altars where the most negative energy gathers.

You can add a few teaspoons to your bath water if you want to realign yourself after magical working. Or add to the floor wash when you need an extra strength "cleaner."

This preparation is stronger than most, it is best to do a patch test before wearing on skin. I have included a black onyx, a stone known to bust negative energy into the solution. And a piece of carnelian which were known as Tears of Ra, and possess solar energies.


My charged water are safe and gentle using pure, environmentally conscious and cruelty free sources. Only the purest essential oils are used to imbibe my hydrosols with their essence. Natural crystals never dyed or heated, will not leave impurities in your Water.

Ingredients: Distilled water + Nag Champa & Frankincense essential oil + black onyx & carnelian. (Polysorbate 20 & Germaben ii to emulsify and preserve)

Do not ingest. Keep away from pets and those who might injure themselves. Not intended to cure illness or disease.
Shake well before use
REFILL AVAILABLE - 240ml in plain bottle no crystal. $44.