Entice the Gods: Ritual Tool Spray 100ml

Entice the Gods: Ritual Tool Spray 100ml

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A sacred space is where work is done uninterrupted by negative vibrations that can derail the intent. When billowing sacred smoke is not an option our sprays and balms will be the perfect substitute.

Spritz Entice the Gods Charged Ritual Tool Water on newly acquired crystals and stones to clear of any negative vibrations. Most ritual tools pick up vibrations after each use. I have harnessed the power of TBD and TBD to break up negativity and lift the consciousness freeing yourself of this heavy energy. TBD is reputed to banish bad thoughts and keep the keeper of the stone TBD.

Our Ritual Tool spray will keep tools ready for use with out fear of past intentions clinging to them. Because of the preparation it is safe to use Ritual Tool Cleanse in place of Temple cleanse EXCEPT to open/close circles.

My charged waters are safe and gentle using pure, environmentally conscious and cruelty free sources. Only the purest essential oils are used to imbibe my hydrosols with their essence. Natural crystals, never dyed or heated, will not leave impurities in your Water.
Ingredients: Distilled water base, emulsified with TBD essential oil and a charged TBD crystal. (Polysorbate 20 & Germaben ii to emulsify and preserve)
Do not ingest. Keep away from pets and those who might injure themselves.
REFILL AVAILABLE - in plain bottle with no crystal -100ml/ $10