Isis Oil: Divination ritual spray 100ml

Isis Oil: Divination ritual spray 100ml

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Myrrh, considered one of the 7 Sacred Oils, is associated with Isis Queen of Magick. Making it the best choice for the base of my Divination spray. Used to purify, bless and protect, the dark scent of myrrh aids meditation & may be used to awaken our awareness, parting the veils between the Worlds.

To relax you, soothing ylang-yang and to protect your psyche, a few drops of rare orchid. Together these powerful scents will aid you in your quest to seek the truth. I have included a cleared, quartz shard to cut through the "noise".

Invoke Isis, call upon her to aid you before you read cards, runes, pendulums etc. Use it to spray ritual tool bags and cloths to wrap your special items in a positive charge. A good way to 'clear' a room after a divination session. Especially useful if doing multiple readings.

My charged waters are safe and gentle using environmentally conscious & cruelty free sources. Only the purest essential oils, natural, never dyed, crystals and gems.
Ingredients: Distilled water base + myrrh, ylang-ylang & orchid essential oil + charged quartz point. (Polysorbate 20 & Germaben ii to emulsify and preserve)
Do not ingest. Keep away from pets and those who might injure themselves. Always do a patch test if wearing on the skin.
SHAKE WELL before each use.
Larger sized refills available. Charged/prepared the same way, without crystal in plain white bottle. 240 ml (approx 8oz) $40