Cleopatras Needle: ToB Signature Scent- 10ml + 60 ml perfume

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"Purple the sails, and so perfumèd that the winds were lovesick with them." - Shakespeare​, "Anthony and Cleopatra"

History will always remember the guile and beauty of Queen Cleopatra. She conquered Rome and with it Caesar and then Antony. She was the most powerful woman in history during her reign.
Cleopatra's Needle, the signature blend of the Temple is now available. Let the heady notes of rose absolute oil intoxicate you. Sensual leather & spiced oils add the depth and dimension that keep this fragrance on their mind. 

In a Ganges clay pot, oils and spices mingle with hand selected chunks of dragon's blood resin. It stays in the shrine for a fortnight. 
Wear Cleopatra's Needle when you want to not only beguile but dominate. Comes in an a 10ml amber glass perfume atomizer. A 60ml refill bottle included. Conjure the energy of the One who wore the Two Crowns.

Ingredients: Distilled RoseWater + rose absolute + leather essential oil + spices + dragon's blood resin + rose quartz (Polysorbate 20 & Germaben ii to emulsify and preserve)
Do not ingest. Keep away from pets and those who might injure themselves. Patch test before wearing as this perfume is very strong. 
BULK REFILL AVAILABLE - in plain white bottle with no crystal 240ml - $50