Temple Cleanse Ritual Spray

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Entice the Gods Charged Water sprays
In the cool of the morning, before most people woke the ancient temple priestess' were already at work. 
Incense was lit and wafted thru the halls. Brightly dyed linens, scented with perfumes were laid at the feet of Gods. 
A sacred space was made to accept the people's offerings and envelope everyone who came to pray in soft scents and welcome arms.
Used to entice or "call the gods" perfume and incense is still used today to charge our auras and define our space.
 Charged Water is not my idea. I came across it in book on Egyptian magic in my 20s when I was looking for a way to practice magic without my college roommates knowing. 
I have developed over the years specific scents + crystals that aid or even replace the need for most incense. 
Use Entice the Gods Charged Divination Water on your hands before you read cards or runes.
 Spray Temple Cleanse all around when you want to designate Sacred Space. 
Ritual Cleanse is perfect to introduce new ritual items to your collection. Or after spellwork to realine your sacred tools 
 My charged water are safe and gentle using pure, environmentally conscious and cruelty free sources. Only the purest essential oils are used to imbibe my hydrosols with their essence. Natural crystals, never dyed or heated, will not leave impurities in your Water.
Note: I do add polysorbate 20 to preserve the Water. It is non toxic and odorless but helps keep the spray shelf stable for about a year. Science is our modern Magic.
Do not ingest. 
CW must never be used Internally as no information about adverse effects is known. 
Do not use on paper or anything you believe might be damaged by water or oil. Safe to spray on face hands, hair. Do not get in eyes.
Keep out of reach of children and animals.