"24K Gold Collagen " Peel Off Face Mask Firming

"24K Gold Collagen " Peel Off Face Mask Firming

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24K Gold Collagen" Peel Off Facial Mask will rejuvenate and refresh your face.


  • Formulated with vitamin A and E

  • Revitalize and moisturize your skin as it deep cleans, removing oily residue.


  • Wash face with warm water.
  • Apply mask by starting in the middle of the face and working upwards. AVOID​ EYES

  • Leave on 15 MINUTES​

  • PEEL OFF DRY MASK and rinse face with cool water. Pay dry. Do not add cosmetics until face is dry.
  •  Use every other day till product is gone. Approximately 3 uses

Package content​

150 ml jar